Summer Intensives

These are your gateway to a big pre-professional school. These may also be the scariest few weeks of your life. For big schools they normally range from 2-6 weeks. If you have a strong bond with your parents, summer intensives will be hard, because usually they mean a temporary move. Going to a summer intensive does not necessarily mean you are going to go to the school that year, even if you are accepted. Besides being a gateway, they are also an amazing trial period. This way you can know what your day will be like if you go there. Do not feel rushed. You can take more than 5 intensives before you decide you feel ready to an extreme change. Another thing: Rejection. The word sends shivers down everybody’s spine. Do not feel like you are not good enough. Every school’s criteria is different from the next. And remember: A lot can change in one year. If you really had your heart set on a school and got rejected, try again next year. That is the basics of summer intensives.

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Okay. Topic: Splits. To the average person, impossible. To a ballet dancer, mandatory. Most people can achieve only two splits. A select few can do all three. By age 12 you should be able to tell. In order to get to the big moment, one must practice everyday. When you begin I suggest you focus on one split at a time. Simply slide in to your split and stay there for three minutes. For your focus leg stay there for five minutes.  Do not rush yourself . Do not strain yourself. Everything will happen in good time.

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Hello world!

This site is ballet only! Enjoy!

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